photography by Dim Balsem
with Eva Bartels

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Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot[1][2] ( /ˈbrɪdʒɨt bɑrˈdoʊ/; French: [bʁiʒit baʁdo]; born 28 September 1934) is a former French fashion model, actress, singer and animal rights activist. She was one of the best-known sex symbols of the 1960s.

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we are looking forward to the Dutch Vogue, welcome

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Johanna Burke Set Designer, Apartment and Studio, Brooklyn, New York

On the Freunde von Freunden website I saw and read this great interview with Johanna Burke. Nice notification about this beatifuly made set. Really curious about more of her work.

Every year, just as the holiday season begins, the windows of the big department stores turn into imaginative wonder worlds and Johanna Burke is one of the masterminds behind the spectacle. She welcomed us with open arms and when scheduling a time for the interview she already was in the final production stages of her holiday display at Bergdorf Goodman. With foresight she summoned us to her place just a couple hours before the sun was about to set and invited us to a stunning nature show – certainly also keeping in mind how the lighting will affect the photography.

She was a fantastic host and we literally hung out most of the interview on her couch, enjoyed some sparkling wine and in the end witnessed a stunning sunset from her panoramic window overlooking the East River and Downtown Manhattan. She not only showed us to her wonderful apartment but also walked us through long, spooky concrete corridors of the building – mainly inhabited by artists – to her studio where she was working on the final touches to her holiday windows devoted to the theme „Carnival of the animals“.

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Find beauty in the banal
Look up when you should be looking down
Venture into the unknown
Go slowly when you should be going fast
Glorify the non-place
Treasure what might often go unnoticed
Seeing and taking pattern everywhere


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door Hanneke van Leeuwen

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sun glitters

“I love when things go fast. That’s why I stopped playing in bands, sometimes I don’t love to wait.” Bathed in orange and yellow hues that look as if they’ve been plucked straight from the perfect family lake house, his covers lend a heartwarming visual unity to already-upbeat titles like “Find Your Way (See)” and “Everything Could Be Fine,” but the precise pairings don’t happen until well after the songs are complete. “First, I listen to the song a lot, a lot, a lot,” Ferreira says. “I try to get into the melodies and make the world after.”

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Almost a full year after the release of Matthew Dear’s monochromatic opus, Black City, the album’s swansong single, “Slowdance,” gets a video.

San Diego filmaker Charles Bergquist was tasked with transforming the undulating piece of goth romanticism into a video. He received, basically, creative autonomy, and set about trying to decipher a track that is, in his words, “about the disruption of memory, at it’s visual core.” The result is a fluid, heady, almost voyeuristic collage of urban landscapes, visual effects, and unsubtle shots of a certain ingenue. “In the song’s build and layering of memories of her,” he says, “She, the environment shared, and the unknown becomes blended, fractured and infinitely heaped together.” It does look like thinking backwards feels—uncertain, romantic, bizarre.”
“The lyrics drove the photography and the sound drove the texture and slices,” Bergquist says. “For most of the edit and post-production work, I let the track dictate the visuals.”
That means slightly regimented cuts—timed to beats sometimes, but not always—a complete lack of color, aqueous imagery, and a microscopic attention to detail. And with that, the final piece of the Black City puzzle has fallen into place.

Director : Charles Bergquist
Produced : Charles Bergquist
Director Of Photograhy : Charles Bergquist & Mark Shonka
Starring : Nicole Lively

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pencil pimp

from the album “Sepalcure” out Nov 21st 2011 on Hotflush Recordings (HFCD006)

Director: Thor Erling Brenne
Producer: Tim & Joe
DOP: Martin Edelsteen
Production Design: Ulrika Westergren
Offline: Erik Aster
Online: Mathias Theisen/Hocus Focus
Art Director: Sougwen Chung
VFX: Sougwen Chung & Cato Lauvli
Styling: Brynjar Bredesen

Executive producer: Tamsin Glasson

With: Emir Mulaosmanovic, Guro Bøe Linnet & Kari Skotnes Vikjord

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back to the future

by Irina Werning

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